Scope of ECRIN

ECRIN is a public, non-profit organisation that supports the conduct of multinational clinical research in Europe. With a focus on academic studies, we provide sponsors and investigators with advice, management services and tools to facilitate collaboration. ECRIN has nine Members (Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain) and two Observers (Switzerland, Slovakia). ECRIN began in 2004 as a consortium and in 2006 was listed on the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) roadmap. In December 2013 it was awarded the status of a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) and in 2016 was designated an ‘ESFRI Landmark’.


ECRIN is funded by the contributions of its Member and Observer Countries. These funds are primarily dedicated to supporting the organisation and developing its core competencies to enable the provision of operational support to multinational trials. Country funding does not cover costs incurred by specific projects aimed at developing new tools and procedures, or multinational clinical trials where ECRIN provides trial management services. These projects are funded by grants from European funding bodies (e.g., Horizon 2020, Innovative Medicines Initiative 2) and services provided to industry sponsors, for example.

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