Scope of EMERGE

The Joint Action “EMERGE – Efficient response to highly dangerous and emerging pathogens at EU level” is a project to enable an efficient response to serious emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases with cross-border outbreak potential as referred to by the European policy (Decision No 1082/2013/EU). An important aim of the project is the linking-up with other relevant networks to strengthen the interoperability of key players in outbreak situations in terms of cooperation and mutual support for diagnostics, sample sharing, proficiency tests and training in diagnostics of high consequence pathogens. The relevance of such a unique laboratory network targeting at the detection of high-threat agents is demonstrated by the outbreaks of Ebola in Africa and of plague in Madagascar, which clearly had the potential of being imported into Europe, where the network contributed to preparedness and responsiveness of microbiological laboratories at EU level.


EMERGE is co-funded by the Third EU Health Programme (2014-2020) and continuously supervised by Chafea/DG SANTE, an Advisory Board and a Steering Committee consisting of work package leaders and co-leaders.

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