Job vacancy: ECRAID Chief Operating Officer

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Job Description – Chief Operating Officer
Role: Management of Operations
Department/Section: Operations
Reports to: ECRAID CEO and Board of Directors

What is ECRAID

ECRAID is an initiative that is rooted in two large research consortia namely COMBACTE (Combatting Bacterial Resistance in EU) that focuses on improving the clinical development of antibiotics and PREPARE (Platform for EU Preparedness Against (Re-)merging Epidemics) that focuses on the building operational readiness for rapid deployment of harmonized European clinical studies for infectious diseases which epidemic potential.

Over the last two years, partners from these consortia together with partnering networks, worked towards a common vision of building a permanent, not-for-profit, pan-European clinical research network capable of rapidly initiating and completing high quality clinical studies with greater speed and efficiency as one of the backbones of Europe’s coordinated preparedness and response to ID threats. Next to that, ECRAID’s ambition is also to solve the business model challenges for innovation in infectious diseases by making clinical trials more efficient and affordable.

Core to the clinical research services provided by ECRAID is its ‘warm base’ clinical research network that has been built through COMBACTE, PREPARE and other linked networks incl. hospital sites, primary care sites, pediatric sites, long-term care facilities, clinical laboratories, network of epidemiological experts and statistical experts. Next to its network, the core service offering of ECRAID consists of conducting investigator-driven and industry-initiated clinical studies covering both observational and interventional (phase I-IV) studies on preventive measures (e.g., vaccines), diagnostics, treatments and treatment strategies, amongst others. Through its ‘warm base’ clinical research network, ECRAID can conduct clinical studies at higher speed, and lower cost thanks to using innovative study designs.

What is your role?

Responsible for the execution of the ECRAID strategy and operational planning in order to meet the ambitious objectives of the new organization. You will collaboratively work with the CEO, Chief Scientific Officer, Director of Strategy, Study Directors, the Board of Directors, the Trial Coordination Boards and the Network directors.

You will develop and manage the ECRAID:

  • Business planning
  • Operational execution
  • Business controls, quality and risk management
  • Business support functions (HR, legal, tax, finance, admin, facilities, procurement etc.)
  • IT strategy and deployment
  • Other responsibilities

Your core responsibilities:

  • Business planning:
    – Assists in strategic business planning and efficient use of public and private means
    – Makes sure budget, staff and priorities are aligned with ECRAID’s core goals
    – Develops and manages comprehensive study timelines and metrics
  • Operational execution:
    – Is responsible for end-to-end delivery and execution of clinical research studies from the protocol concept through the clinical study report
    – Is responsible for oversight of all clinical trial operations including lead, project, data and site management and monitoring, and regulatory services
    – Works with the study team to design clinical trial protocols consistent with the clinical development plan and develops an ongoing data review plan to ensure appropriate patient recruitment, detection of data trends and to ensure study objectives are met and results are reported accordingly
  • Business controls, quality, risk management:
    – Ensures that all dimensions of clinical trial execution comply with all pertinent rules and regulations (GDPR) and the highest ethical standards
    – Is accountable for issue escalation/resolution, identification of patients/clinical trial issues and service recoveries as well as collecting feedback in support of continuous process and service improvement
    – Implements strong mechanisms for identifying and managing risks
  • Business support functions:
    – Oversees the supporting functions to operate the network including finance, office management, human resources, technology curriculum and instruction, procurement operations, research and evaluation, administrative activities, tax and legislation applied to clinical research
  • IT strategy and deployment:
    – Develops and implements IT strategies to make use of appropriate technologies (i.e. correlation studies platform, biobanking and electronic medical records) to facilitate the execution of clinical trials and reporting
    – Develops productivity-based, performance-based and data-driven models for allocation of research and laboratory space and forecasts of ECRAID infrastructure needs
  • Other responsibilities:
    – Builds and sustains operational effective relations between the different partners in the ECRAID network (research institutions, sites, labs, CROs…)
    – Provides timely and informative reports to pertinent member of ECRAID (CEO, Chief Scientific Officer, Director of Strategy, Study Directors, the Board of Directors, the Trial Coordination Boards and the Network directors) and to clinical trial managers on ongoing research activities status and achievements

How to apply:
Send your CV and cover letter in English to