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This space offers members of the Ecraid network the opportunity to briefly address interesting scientific views, discussions, and questions. It's a fun way to summarise and share new information, but also to address methodological issues in studies. 

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Who? Anyone who does science in the field of infectious diseases and is part of the Ecraid network.

What? An original post of maximum 400 words and no more than 2 figures. The author has full freedom (and responsibility) to state whatever she or he wants, as long as it is respectful.

And then? Readers can respond to a post via email, and the author can answer. The most interesting exchanges will be added under the original post.

Marc Bonten

Latest post

Are you safe in a hospital?

By Marc Bonten

What do you see when you think back to hospital wards during the heath of the COVID-19 pandemic? Overcrowded, understaffed, chaos. What would the risk be for hospitalised patients not yet infected with SARS-CoV2 in those days?

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Is the clinical trials enterprise broken?

Last week, I had the privilege to attend JAMA’s first ever summit in which two questions were addressed. 'Is the clinical trials enterprise broken?' and 'How it can be fixed?'. The first question is rhetorical.

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Antibiotics do more than causing resistance

A couple of days ago in a study on continuous antibiotic prophylaxis in children with severe vesicoureteral reflux was published in the NEJM. An international open-label RCT with 292 kids enrolled over a period of 7 years (!).

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Female surgeons do better!/?

On my way to my 85-year-old dad who suffered from paralytic ileus after laparotomic hemicolectomy, I heard the following news: “Patients from female surgeons have less long-term postoperative complications (including death)“. Is that what the study really revealed?

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