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Building on the foundations of COMBACTE and PREPARE, Ecraid advances clinical research in the field of infectious disease with the development of a pan-European clinical research network. Through the EU-funded ECRAID-Plan project commenced in January 2019, the business plan for Ecraid was developed.



Collaboration is a core objective of ECRAID-Base. It will not only work with existing partners developed through COMBACTE, PREPARE, VALUE-Dx and RECOVER, but it will also actively seek out new academic, healthcare, government and industry partners to actively work together to meet the challenges of EID and AMR head-on.

The expertise required to clinically evaluate new diagnostics, treatments, vaccines and other preventive and/or therapeutic interventions is not confined to a single institute or country. In fact, a lack of international collaboration and solidarity leads to fragmentation and isolation of research efforts, inefficient use of scarce research resources and suboptimal impact on the combat of ID. Ecraid will remedy this issue.

Our vision is to efficiently generate rigorous evidence to improve the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of infections and to respond to ID threats effectively and rapidly. It will facilitate this by building a pan-European multidisciplinary clinical research network that will be globally linked and that will take an innovative approach to research.

Continued investments are needed to regularly evaluate new or improved diagnostics and diagnostic approaches, anti-infectives, alternative therapeutics, vaccines and other preventative measures and to embed those in clinical and public health practices as efficiently and effectively as possible. We need coordinated, cooperative and sustained Europe-wide and international initiatives to protect our citizens.

Warm base network

ECRAID-Base has established a ‘warm-base’ clinical research network for infectious diseases. The fully operational ‘warm-base’ network has the capacity and capability to:

  • directly enrol patients with infectious diseases to generate evidence to support the testing and development of new diagnostic, preventive and/or therapeutic strategies and therapies;
  • conduct a broad range of rigorous clinical studies efficiently and rapidly;
  • function as a platform for a rapid research response in the face of serious infectious disease outbreaks.


This clinical research network includes primary care settings, hospital settings (including emergency rooms and intensive care units), pediatric care settings, and laboratories. These networks are currently functioning as the clinical research base for several studies within PREPARE, COMBACTE, RECOVER, and VALUE-Dx.

ECRAID-Base focuses on the efficient and effective development and implementation of clinical interventions against infectious diseases by generating rigorous evidence to improve the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of infections and to respond to infectious disease threats rapidly.

The network will provide an efficient European infrastructure capable of performing all aspects of clinical studies, from design to dissemination. It will function as the backbone of clinical research activities in the field of infectious diseases by world-leading ID experts. Key design principles built into the network’s organisation and operations will ensure the delivery of a rapid and coordinated research response to public health emergencies that represent an imminent or immediate threat to the health and security of people living in Europe.
Encompassing over 2,000 sites in more than 40 European countries, six perpetual clinical studies are at the heart of ECRAID-Base. These studies will mature towards adaptive platform trials with capability to rapidly respond to public health threats.