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Our coordinating committee on Ecraid

We spoke to some of our Coordinating Committee members about what Ecraid means for the future of clinical trials and what they're excited about.


Marc Bonten on Ecraid

"This is a historic opportunity to amplify the public and private resources already invested in Europe to build sustainable clinical trial networks. Ecraid will enhance the effectiveness of clinical trials to scientifically demonstrate the optimal care for patients with infections, either caused by emerging pathogens, such as SARS-CoV-2 or microorganisms no longer susceptible to current treatment, such as antibiotic-resistant bacteria."

Marc Bonten, CEO of Ecraid and Professor of Molecular Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases at University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands.

"Collaboration is crucial in European research and is at Ecraid’s core. We can only deliver high-quality trials and improve patient care if we work as a team. Ecraid’s strength is the collaboration between different fields of research from the lab to the bedside, and the longstanding collaborations with researchers across Europe and beyond."

Lennie Derde, REMAP-CAP Adaptive Platform Trial

"Ecraid will bring positive transformation and lasting impact to the infectious diseases research landscape in the EU and beyond. ECRIN, whose mission is to support the implementation of multinational clinical trials, looks forward to sustained collaboration with Ecraid."

Jacques Demotes, ECRIN, Data Management

"COVID-19 has demonstrated that infectious diseases are among the biggest threats for the coming years. It has highlighted that robust and pre-existing clinical research infrastructures were lacking. In this context, Ecraid is the missing piece needed to address both emerging infectious diseases and the challenges posed by anti-microbial resistance."

Bruno Francois, POS on VAP in ICUs

"The COVID-19 pandemic taught us the importance of adapting quickly to new circumstances and the value of pooling our knowledge across borders. Ecraid aims to ensure that clinical research in the field of infectious diseases can be conducted rapidly and at the highest level across Europe."

Oliver Cornely, VACCELERATE

"Ecraid offers unprecedented opportunities for clinical research in infectious diseases. It will address the hurdles currently faced concerning testing and implementing novel preventive or therapeutic strategies, outperform current state-of-the-art practices, and be beneficial for patients and society. Ecraid is a unique project, one that I am excited to be a core member of."

Stephan Harbath, STAT-Net

"I am proud and honoured to be part of the Ecraid Foundation. We will give a voice to all stakeholders involved and will strive to deliver high-quality, timely and actionable evidence on infectious diseases to support our European healthcare systems. We will explore how we can keep all stakeholders engaged in research, from primary care physicians and hospital networks to a diverse group of patients and the public to deliver high-quality relevant evidence from trials in and between pandemics across the globe. We can contribute to the growing knowledge of how social sciences can support clinical research, which is often missing in existing research, by illuminating community needs and experiences. This level of community participation will help to contextualise our research and help us move towards developing tailor-made solutions."

Sibyl Anthierens, University of Antwerp, Belgium

"We will assess the use of innovative methodologies and patient-level data from clinical trials on the burden of antimicrobial resistance to inform public health interventions by setting and type of infection.”

Evelina Tacconelli, University of Verona.