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ECRAID-Base Training

Young Investigator Workshop returns to ECCMID in 2024

Conducting international clinical research is not easy, even for the most experienced trialists. How can it be made easier for young investigators? On the heels of two fully booked Young Investigator Workshops held in 2022 and 2023, the team behind this series is returning to ESCMID Global (formerly known as ECCMID) for a third, hybrid edition. 


Ecraid aims to facilitate and optimise the setup of innovative trials for infectious diseases through close international collaboration. One shining example are the Perpetual Observational Studies (POSs) set up under the EU-funded ECRAID-Base project. These five multi-centre platform studies were designed to maintain preparedness through continuous inclusion of patients in five infectious syndrome-specific platform trials. They have already been implemented in a total of 12 countries and have enrolled over 6,000 patients to date.

Young investigators working across Europe have played a key role in establishing these cohorts. It is some of them who take the lead in the annual Young Investigator Workshop jointly organised by Ecraid and ESCMID. This year, the speakers include Ana Hernandez (POS-VAP, Limoges), Marc Shamier (POS-Disease X, Rotterdam), and Yrene Themistocleous (POS-ARI-ER, Oxford).

Date:      Sunday, 28 April 2024
Time:     15:30 to 16:30 CEST
Venue:   Fira Gran Via, rooms 8.34 + 8.35

Participation is free with a valid ticket for ESCMID Global 2024. Please note that participation in the workshop on-site is on a first-come, first-served basis.


Join online

You can attend this workshop online, too. Join the Zoom stream here.

marc shamier

This workshop is our chance to share and learn from each other about the evolving world of clinical research, focusing on real, practical insights. It's also a fantastic opportunity to share our experiences from working within Ecraid with a wider audience of peers, particularly young researchers, encouraging them to innovate and make an impact in their fields.

– Marc Shamier


This year, the team will start by looking back at the COVID-19 pandemic and assessing the role that the traditional clinical research model played in Europe's lacking response.

They will then introduce warm-base cohorts, such as the POSs, as an innovative solution. Each of these multi-centre studies is designed to create a clinical research backbone ready to concurrently or sequentially embed ‘add-on’ studies (observational, experimental, investigator-initiated, or commercial) that can start generating data more rapidly and efficiently than similar stand-alone initiatives. 

To bring the concept to life, POS-VAP medical coordinator Ana Hernandez will introduce this platform study on ventilator-associated pneumonia in the ICU. Based on her experience in the study over the past years, Ana will share the lessons learned and her perspectives on embedded studies.

As with previous years, the workshop will be highly interactive. The attendees will be encouraged to ask questions and share their own experience throughout the session, while the last 20 minutes are reserved for a round table session.





15:30h - 15:35h


Jacopo Garlasco

15:35h - 15:45h

Traditional clinical research model and limits. Were we ready for a pandemic?

Marc Shamier

15:45h - 15:55h

Innovative clinical research models: the advantages of Perpetual Observational Studies

Yrene Themistocleous

15:55h - 16:05h

Case study: POS-VAP: Lessons learnt and perspectives on embedded studies

Ana Hernandez 

16:05h - 16:25h

Round table discussion

Jacopo Garlasco and Holly Jackson

16:25h - 16:30h

Concluding remarks

Holly Jackson