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European Clinical Research Alliance on Infectious Diseases: Primary care adaptive platform trial for pandemics and epidemics.


ECRAID-Prime is organised into seven Work Packages (WPs), which form the backbone to realising our objectives.
Here we introduce the WPs and the persons driving each topic:

WP 1 ORG: Management and Organisation

Encompasses the Project Management and Network Coordination (ORG) activities, including the supporting activities of central organisational, managerial and coordinating activities, for the network as a whole.

Aida Salčić and Ram Venkatachalam (both UMCU)

WP 2 TRIAL: ECRAID-Prime Study

To develop the master protocol for ECRAID-Prime, and oversee the selection of sites and evaluation of up to four candidate therapeutic agents (in Phase I and/or Phase II).

Alike van der Velden (UMCU), Christopher Butler (University of Oxford), Sanne van Rooij (UMCU), Marjolein van Esschoten (UMCU), Marc Bonten (UMCU), Roderick Venekamp (UMCU), Ly-Mee Yu (University of Oxford), Jane Holmes (University of Oxford), Gail Hayward (University of Oxford), Emily Bongard (University of Oxford), Johanna Cook (University of Oxford) and Beatrijs Wolters (UMCU)

WP 3 LAB: Laboratory Research             

To build, maintain and train a fully operational laboratory network of sites, and develop SOPs, lab manuals and protocols for the trial.

Herman Goossens and Surbhi Malhotra (University of Antwerp)

WP 4 DATA: Data Management

To develop the project’s Data Management Plan (DMP) and a clinical trial data management strategy optimised ‘by design’ for the trial, in terms of outcome measures, data standards, data quality, and data capture.

Frank Leus (UMCU), Jacques Demotes (ECRIN) and Sareema Javaid (ECRIN)

WP 5 TRAIN: Training & Capacity Strengthening

To coordinate training activities in line with the OPERATES criteria for the clinical research and laboratory network, with extra focus on earlier phase research.

Alike van der Velden, Sanne van Rooij and Marjolein van Esschoten (all UMCU)

WP 6 COM: Communication & Dissemination

To oversee Communication and Dissemination activities including engaging with key stakeholders and clinical and laboratory networks, and publishing project results to promote uptake and ensure optimal impact.

Claire-Marie Martis and Karen Choo-Haeberle (both UMCU)

WP 7 ETHICS: Ethics Requirements

To ensure compliance with the ethics requirements set out in this work package.

Roderick Venekamp (UMCU)

WP 8 COLLAB: Coordination of the European COVID-19 Adaptive Platform Trials

To ensure the optimal coordination of trials in the EU and other countries, as well as provide a single entryway for new study arms in the European COVID-19 adaptive platform trials.

Victoria C. Simensen (NIPH)

Sareema Javaid (ECRIN)